The Catholic University of America - Tucson is an affordable, non-residential, experiential four-year program. Curriculum combines the University's liberal arts core, grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition, and the business management or interdisciplinary major courses designed by Catholic University faculty. Courses will be delivered in a hybrid format in partnership with Pima Community College.

Affordable - The annual average program tuition is approximately $8,800, a very reasonable cost for a private liberal arts Bachelor’s degree.

Non-residential - The Catholic University - Tucson program has no residence halls. Students live at home with family or on their own in the community. This is another way to keep total costs low for students.

Experiential - Students gain real life work experience through course work, course projects, and internships. One of the main goals of the program is to prepare students for the field of business and connect students to employers while they are progressing through the program.

Degree Options - The Bachelor of Arts in Management - General Management provides students with a generalist business curriculum. The generalist curriculum introduces students to key industry fields such as marketing, accounting, leadership, finance, international business, and more. The variety of courses allows students to fully discern in which area their talents and interests lie and prepares graduates for most entry level positions in business. Students can also choose to major in Interdisciplinary Studies, a degree that allows students to focus on multiple topics and integrate up to 84 transfer credits.

Hybrid - Simply put, hybrid means a combination of online and face-to-face course delivery. Pima Community college courses will meet face-to-face and few select Catholic University courses will be entirely online. The Catholic University - Tucson hybrid model for select keystone courses combines online content and face-to-face discussion within a single course. Lectures will be delivered online, consisting of concept introductions, videos, assessment, and guided practice. In-person, instructor-led discussion sections will recap online interactions, and act as a forum for student discussions, activities, collaboration, presentations, and project feedback. These hybrid courses are designed and presented by Catholic University faculty in D.C. and delivered by adjunct instructors in Tucson. 

Partnership with PCC - Students will jointly enroll at Catholic University and Pima Community College in the freshman and sophomore years. Enrollment will be only CatholicU in the junior and senior years. In-person CatholicU courses and PCC courses will both be delivered at the Catholic University - Tucson site, located on Pima’s Downtown Campus. See details for the B.A. Management or B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies for a full breakdown of course distribution.